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A car on flat ground accelerates at 0.785 m/s^2 when a net force of 1050 N acts on it. How much normal force acts on the car?

 May 14, 2019

\(F_n = mg\), so let's find the mass


We know the force, \(F\), and the acceleration, \(a\), so we can use \(F = ma\)

\(F = ma \rightarrow 1050 = m(0.785) \rightarrow m = 1337.58 kg\)


Now that we know the mass, we can go back to \(F_n\)


\(F_n = mg \rightarrow F_n = (1337.58)(9.8) \rightarrow F_n = 13108.3 N\)

 May 14, 2019

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