Two pirate scouts, from different ships, discover an enormous treasure trove at the same time. The trove is located between the two ships, but the scout from Ship A is only $0.50\text{ km}$ from his ship while the scout from Ship B is $4.00\text{ km}$ from her ship. There are $31500$ pieces of treasure in the trove and each rowboat from ship A can only carry $5.00\times10^2 (500\pm1)$ pieces at a time without sinking. Assume that both scouts start at the treasure trove and return to their ships empty-handed. Ship A has two rowboats and all pirates from Ship A will row with the same constant speed. Ship B has one rowboat and the pirates from Ship B will all row with the same constant speed of $2.0\text{ m/s.}$ If a rowboat from Ship B catches up to a rowboat from Ship A, they will overpower the pirates and capture the treasure! What is the minimum speed at which pirates from Ship A can row in order to prevent the other pirates from stealing any of the loot?

 Sep 24, 2022

Please repost the question but this time take away the dollar signs and use the latex function in the website.. it is a bit illegible rn.. thx

 Sep 28, 2022

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