Harry has a penny collection with 160 pennies. He plans to increase the size of his collection by a constant term each year for five years.This graph represents his goal for collecting over the next five years.Use the graph to answer the following questions.


1. After the second year, approximately how many pennies does Harry plan to have in his collection?

2. Approximately how many pennies does Harry plan to have in his collection at the end of his five-year plan?

3. By approximately what number does Harry plan to increase his collection over the five-year period?

4. According to his plan, approximately how many pennies will Harry add to his collection during the fourth year?

5. Halfway through the fourth year, Harry’s collection contains 400 pennies. Study the graph provided at the beginning of this activity.Find the point that represents his progress. What are the coordinates of the point? 

6. Approximately how many more pennies will Harry need to add by the end of the fourth year to get back on plan?

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