David and Elijah each spent the same amount of money. David has 1/4 of his money left and Elijah had 3/5 of his money left. What was the ratio of the amount of money David had at first to the amount of money Elijah had at first?

(1)    4:5

(2)    9:2

(3)    12:5

(4)    8:15

 Sep 10, 2021

There have been many questions recently very similar to this.

This is one of the easier ones.


Let D be the amount David starts with and E be the amount that Elijiah starts with.   You want to find   D:E


If David has a quarters of D left  he must have spent  (3/4)D

If Elijah has 3/5E left he must have spent  (2/5)E

They both spent the same amount so you can take it from there.

 Sep 11, 2021

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