Two distinct primes, each greater than 20, are multiplied. What is the least possible product of these two primes?

 May 10, 2019

The first two primes greater than 20 are 23 and 29.


23 x 29 = 667

 May 10, 2019


Why do you demand a quick answer?

Will the universe implode if people do not jump to your immediate attention?


I wish I could command immediate attention off people, what a cushy world that would be.  frown

Then again, I know I am not better than others so I know I would not get away with it, and I would not be so rude as to try.

 May 10, 2019
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"Why do you demand a quick answer?"    


Hi Melody.  I think it wasn't a demand; the OP said please, so that makes it a request.  But as to why so many say ASAP or the like - my humble opinion, anyway - is that they've waited until the last minute to ask for help and they're panicking.  Maybe they've been attempting to solve the problem up until then, maybe procrastinating, maybe embarrassed to need to seek help... that's something nobody knows but the OP, unless s/he tells. 


Guest May 10, 2019

Maybe but why should this person think that their question should be answered quickly?

Do they think their question is more important than other people's questions?


Is it ok for me to cut into a queue just because I say please? Or would that be rude? 


It really doesn't matter why, ...it is still demanding and rude.

Melody  May 10, 2019

The smallest primes above 20 are 23 and 29.


To get the product, multiply these numbers together.


23*29 = 690-23 = 667.


The answer is 667.



 May 10, 2019

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