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Now for the real question...

Do your grades at the end of the school year affect the classes you are put in next year? I am trying to get into an academy because I wan't to be a doctor. One of my teachers said the grades don't count, but one of my parent said they did. Please answer this is very important to me. Have a nice day. :) 

 Jun 2, 2017

If you have any chance of becoming a doctor then your grades will be excellent.

If you are not smart enough, or do not apply yourself well enough to get excellent grades then you will not become a Doctor.

And, that is all there is too it!!

Perhaps if you need to ask such a simple question then you are not smart enough to be a Doctor. ://

 Jun 3, 2017

Thank you for that but i take you saying i might not be smart enough for it as an insult. Yes I do have good grades, and I maintain A's and B's every progress report and report card. Im just asking this because I am getting two different answers and I want a solid one. Yes I know this is "simple" but if its so simple why am I getting two different answers? ** There's no such thing as being smart enough. Everyone is smart in your one way you just have to put in the work. Which I do.. so if you think im not "smart enough," then please tell my family and my teachers, as well as my friends the same thing. I am in advanced english, algebra one, advanced science, spanish 2, and orchestra.  I even take sports after school. And even my teachers said I have a very good chance of getting into the academy I want to be in. I have put in a great amount of work into getting where I am now. I might just be in the 7th grade, but I know where I want to be in life. So saying i might not be smart enough is an insult on so many levels. And if its so simple how come you couldn't answer it?? You may want to rethink your response. :)

Sqwibi1010  Jun 3, 2017

Well. If a high-level of skill in BS is a requirement to attend your academy then that is one requirement you need not worry about.


Why would Melody or anyone on this forum know the requirements for gaining attendance to a particular academy?  Your teacher would know better than your parents would. This does not mean your teacher would be forthcoming about it. Education is highly politicized and room must be made to accommodate the disadvantaged, no matter how poor his or her academic skills are. That means someone who is much more qualified will not get in –you may very well be that someone.  This is probably why your teacher said grades do not count.  They do. They just are not the whole story.


Aside from the “free passes,” these academies look at more than just grades. They look for tenacity, focus, self-discipline, and a willingness to learn complex subjects from a broad range of teaching styles and personalities. It’s not easy to assess these traits in young students.  Common denominators for these traits are high marks in a broad range of subjects in the arts and sciences. 


One more comment:

It is very unlikely a 7th grade student wrote the above comments. The writing suggests an education level of a high school sophomore with the experience and awareness of a mature adult who is concerned about her marginally gifted child that just completed grade seven. 


It’s great you care about the education of your child, but if you were above board –that is, honest, you would have received a different answer.    

GingerAle  Jun 3, 2017

I am a 7th grade student, and you may not believe me BUT I AM. It just happens to be that everyone in my family either has a college degree, or plans to get one. Including me. My mother and grandmother are gifted writers, and my mother raised me correctly. I am an african american pre-teen girl. I have goals in life because I actually want to be a succesful independent black woman. I know what I have to do in order to get in the academy (Bayside Health And Sciences Academy). The reason why I care so much, is because my mother and I believe that going to a regular high school won't help me as much as I need it to. Being around high school students who worked hard (as much as I am currently) to get into the academy, shows the dedication that they have to achieve their goals. I AM A 7th GRADE STUDENT. And I didn't complete grade seven yet, in fact I just took my reading sol yesterday. By the way, for an advanced english student, it was rather easy. :) 

** Here are links.







Im sorry if I don't fit the "7th grade criteria" for you. I dont have social media because I am not allowed. I was taught that with social media the second you try to get a job, you social media will be looked up. And that will be a factor in landing the job and starting your career. The reason why I put the above comment, was because I just wanted a simple yes or no answer. Instead, I was given a disrespectful comment and no answer. I apoligize for not being the "normal" twelve year old. By the way, I go to Larkspur Middle School if you need any reassurance. There is a reason why I am in advanced english and other advanced classes. :)

Sqwibi1010  Jun 4, 2017

Well, I did say “very unlikely,” not impossible.  As an analogy, you won the lottery at least twice. You are a gifted and skilled writer, who presents situational awareness and perspectives consistent with adulthood experience.  Some of this has to come from a naturally high capacity for empathy.  That is you are aware of another’s emotional state to the point of understanding the logical reasons for it. Your innate gifts and practiced skills are very rare for a 12-year-old. So maybe you can understand my doubt.


I read the record for your chosen school’s academy requirements.


Write a thoughtful essay not to exceed 400 words. How does the theme of the Academy fit with your interests and future goals? What experiences, skills and talents will you bring to the academy.


There is nothing about grades in any of the course requirements, and this particular academy doesn’t have any prerequisite curriculum requirements.  On the surface, your teacher is correct: grades don’t matter. On the other hand, when you apply to this academy, you will be competing with like-minded students whose natural gifts and skill sets are comparable to yours. The demand may exceed the availability and the only way for educators to know who is worthy is to use a data set to evaluate the applicants. That data are the applicant’s essays and grades.  So, probably, both your teacher and your mother are correct; but, if the academy rules strictly forbid analyzing grade data, then only your essay will be used.  


To venture a guess on your specific question:  Do your grades at the end of the school year affect the classes you are put in next year?


The answer is no, not at your grade level because these are core requirements. The only exception would be is if you failed.  For high school, it can, and for AP classes it very well can affect your options for the next term/year. For your chosen field, specific curriculum starts in grade 10, and if your academic performance is average, and certainly if it’s poor, it's a near certainty you will not be selected even if there is a vacancy.   


Recommendations: Start your essay now. You are only allowed 400 words so every word needs to count. Write it and rewrite it over several months, and then have an educator in the medical sciences review and comment on it, then rewrite it again.  


If you want to be a physician, start reading medical texts now. A large amount of medical knowledge and information is on line. Wikipedia is a good starting place, and the links at the end of the article are an excellent source for university level material.  (Avoid the pop culture blarney because it will alter your reality.) Much of what you will read you may not understand, but read it anyway. You will retain large amounts information and your brain will develop and mature around this core of knowledge. This will give you a great advantage.


I’m sure you will gain attendance to your chosen academy. No school or academy would pass on a student like you. There are just not that many of you around.


P.S. Thank you for the thumbs down, we trolls like them. It means we are doing our job properly.smiley



GingerAle  Jun 4, 2017

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