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Please anyone If anyone is a bit good with english can you help me with two questions

 Sep 13, 2018

For context can you answer these two questions for the first passage?


1) Is Swift a man who promotes abortions, or is he against the abortions?


2) What is his proposal?



For the context in the second passage:


1) Is Swift proposing ideas to help control the population growth in Irland? 


If you can answer these questions then I will be better equipped to answer the questions.

 Sep 13, 2018

He is against a******n and his proposal is either A or C?

NotSoSmart  Sep 13, 2018

1) I think for question #1 the answer is A. 

I think this because if he is against  a b o r t i o n, then he seems to be proposing an alternative to abortions in the first line of the text. He says that his 'scheme' will prevent the murdering of the babies. For the question, he frames his "proposal" in terms of compassion for the poor because they have no choice but to have an  a b o r t i o n  because they could not support their child if they let him/her live. He seems to be offering a humane and cheap solution to this problem. 


2) For question #2 I think the answer is B.

I think this because he is accepting offers and other solutions from other wise men, to solve the poverty in Ireland. He is open to other solutions besides his own, and these solutions can actually be pursued.



Hopefully, this helps. I hope that I at least I gave some insight on these questions.

 Sep 13, 2018

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