Given: Quadrilateral ABCD is inscribed in circle O.

Prove: m∠A + m∠C = 180º



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Answer Choices Given: 


Inscribed Angle Theorem

The sum of arcs that make a circle is 360º

Central Angle Theorem

m∠A + m∠B = 180º

m∠A + m∠C = 180º

m(arc)DAB = 2(m∠C)


Statements Reasons
Quadrilateral ABCD is incribed in circle O. Given
m(arc)BCD = 2(m∠A) Central Angle Theorem
m(arc)DAB = 2(m∠​C) Inscribed Angle Theorem
m(arc)BCD + m(arc)DAB = 360º The sum of arcs that make a circle is 360º
2(m∠A) + 2(m∠C) = 360º Substitution Property
m∠A + m∠C = 180º

Division Preperty of Equality













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Inscribed Angle Theorem




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