The triangles ΔRST and ΔXYZ are congruent. Points P and W lie on ST and YZ, respectively. Which of the following statements are true?

A) If P is the midpoint of ST and W is the midpoint of YZ then ΔRSP≅ΔXYW.
B) If RP bisects ∠SRT and XW bisects ∠YXZ, then ΔRSP≅ΔXYW.
C) If RP=ST and XW=YZ, then ΔRSP≅ΔXYW.
D) If RP is perpendicular to ST and XW is perpendicular to YZ, then ΔRSP≅ΔXYW.

Type your answer as a list of letters separated by commas. For instance, if you believe that conditions A, B, and C are enough, then type "A,B,C" into the answer box. If you believe none of the options are correct, enter "none."

beastrohit  Sep 25, 2018

(A)  is true


(B)  is true


(C) is true



cool cool cool

CPhill  Sep 25, 2018

Sorry, I have alreasdy tried A, B, C and A, B but both are the wrong answers.

beastrohit  Sep 26, 2018

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