A sculpture is in the shape of a square pyramid. The sculpture has a height of 36 feet and a volume of 19,200 cubic feet. Find the side length of the square base.


A triangular prism has a width of 6 ft, a height of 4 ft, and a length of 20 ft. Find the volume During a chemistry lab, you use a funnel to pour slime into a flask. The radius of the funnel is 4 cm and the height is 12 cm. You pour the slime into the funnel at a rate of 60 mm per second and the slime flows out of the funnel at a rate of 40 mm per second. How long will it be before the funnel overflows with slime? Note: 1 mm is equal to 1 cubic centimeter. you do NOT need to do any conversions for this problem.


There are two pentagonal prisms that are similar. Prism A has a height of 8 meters and a volume of 800 m^3. Prism B has a height of 6 m, find the volume of prism B.


A sphere gets cut in half, what is the volume of that half if the diameter is 99 miles?


A basketball is inside a cube box that is 20 cm by 20 cm by 20 cm, the radius of the basketball is 10 cm, what is the amount of space NOT taken up by the basketball?

 Jun 3, 2021

1. The side length of the base is 320 feet.


2. It will take 360 seconds.


3. Prism B has volume 1200 m^3.


4. The volume is 15,400 miles^3.


5. The space not taken is 400 - 80*pi cm^3.

 Dec 29, 2021

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