A swimming pool in the shape of a rectangular prism has a bottom, no top, two square sides, and two rectangular sides with a length equal to twice the length of the square sides. All four sides share a common height. The total area of the five sides is 288 ft^2. Find the volume of the swimming pool.

RainbowPanda  Dec 6, 2018

Area of square sides   x *x = x^2    and there are 2 of them  so   2x^2   ft^2

rectangular sides        2x * x = 2x^2  and there are two of them = 4x^2    ft^2

area of bottom = x * 2x = 2x^2  ft^2

all added together = 288  ft^2


8x^2 = 288

x= 6 ft


Volume =   length x w x depth

             =   2(6)  * 6  * 6 = 4752 ft^3

ElectricPavlov  Dec 6, 2018

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