Please help asap, tysm!

RainbowPanda  Oct 2, 2018

I'm pretty sure its all in order already. Like the first one is negative constand rate of change then the second one is positive varying rate of change, and of course the third one is negative varying rate of change and the last one is positive constant rate of change.

RainbowPanda  Oct 2, 2018

Hmmmm....is there a QUESTION associated with this......they are listed in the correct order....cheeky  (though SOME may consider losing 3 pounds/week as a POSITIVE thing! wink)

ElectricPavlov  Oct 2, 2018
edited by ElectricPavlov  Oct 2, 2018

Lol yeah that's true. I got it though I THINK I was right. There is no question besides what I showed.

RainbowPanda  Oct 2, 2018

First one  ⇒  negative rate of change

Second one ⇒ positive rate of change

Third one ⇒ negative rate of change

Last one ⇒  positive rate of change



cool cool cool

CPhill  Oct 2, 2018

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