1. how many 12 step paths are there from a to b, going one unit to the right or one unit up at each step? The path must be entirely along the lines of the grid.


2. when we expand (2x+1/2)^6, what is the coefficient of the x^4 term?


3.The combination locks on the lockers at Hillside School have numbers from 0 through 39 (inclusive). A locker combination consists of three different numbers, where the order matters. Because of the way the locks are manufactured, all three numbers are even or all three numbers are odd. How many combinations are possible?


4.We draw a card from a standard deck. What is the probability that it is a Jack, Queen, King, or it is red?


5. Of the 35 students in my class, 11 practice taekwondo, 11 play piano, and 20 take lessons at M.A.T.H. 4 students play piano and go to M.A.T.H, 3 students do taekwondo and play piano, 5 students go to M.A.T.H and practice taekwondo, and 3 students do none. how many students do all 3?

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2. when we expand (2x+1/2)^6, what is the coefficient of the x^4 term?


We  are looking for this term


C(6,2) (2x)^4  (1/2)^2  =


15  (16x^4) (1/4)   = 


60 x^4



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