Already graphed and tried to figure it out. 

 Sep 12, 2018

Domain and range are correct  !!!!


Relative max occurs at ≈  (2.816, 1.089)


Relative min occurs at ≈ (1.184, - 1.089)


You have the end behavior almost correct, RP


As the function approaches + inf....the end behavior  is  - inf

As it approaches -inf.....the end behavior  is  + inf


Increasing intervals  [ where the function rises from left to right  ]  = (1.184, 2.816 )


Decreasing intervals [ where it  falls from left to right ] = (-inf, 1.184) U (2.816, inf )


Here's the graph :  https://www.desmos.com/calculator/mk1cbfvwvh


Is this all clear to you  ????




cool cool cool

 Sep 12, 2018

I actually got the end behavior right lol i just drew it wrong on here >.< I had written down correctly on paper and didn't realize I had switched them up on here.

RainbowPanda  Sep 12, 2018

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