While staying in a 15-story hotel, Polya plays the following game. She enters an elevator on the  floor. She flips a fair coin five times to determine her next five stops. Each time she flips heads, she goes up one floor. Each time she flips tails, she goes down one floor. What is the probability that each of her next five stops is on the  floor or higher? Express your answer as a common fraction.

Guest Sep 17, 2018

Well if you are in a hurry then that imples you are only really interested in the answer. 

Hence there is little reason for any of us to answer.


I am only interested in helping you to learn. I am not interested in providing you with a quick answer so that you can scrible it down, and then go off to do something  more fun.

Melody  Sep 17, 2018

Why are you so rude? i wanted the whole explanation, not the answer. Instead you took the time to insult me. You seem more interested in making others feel bad. Stop writing these answers if you want to help others learn.

Guest Sep 19, 2018

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