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 A research organization has recently issued a statement suggesting that 40% of American mothers are unhappy with their children's work habits. You have designed a simulation to generate sample data refuting this claim. An automated random number sample program is used that has sample of size 25, is run 100 times, and uses the numbers 1 through 10 to represent unhappy mothers, and the numbers 11 through 25 to represent happy mothers. The dot plot below represents the outcome of the simulation.



Using the data from this simulation, rounded to the nearest whole person, what is the average number of mothers out of 25 who are unhappy with their children's work habits?


A 10

B 11

C 12

D 9

 Apr 18, 2018

I do not see the dot plot, may you repost so I may help you?

 Apr 18, 2018

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