What does a line of best fit let you do?


a) Approximate what should happen in the future


b) Know exactly what is going to happen in the future


c) Figure out if the slope of the line is an integer


d) Verify if your scatter plot has a trend or not

 Sep 26, 2020

I do not like any of those answers.

b  is absolutely incorrect.

d  perhaps not really related

a , well not really, but if you are talking very near future then I guess that is correct.  

c, the slope of a lined is always an integer.


So I guess we are left with only one possibility.

 Sep 26, 2020


I never heard of a line of best fit before, so I looked it up.  Here's the definition that I found: 


The line of best fit (or trendline) is an educated guess about where a linear equation might fall in a set of data plotted on a scatter plot. Trend lines are usually plotted with software, as once you’ve got more than a few points on a piece of paper, it can be difficult to figure out where that line of best fit might be.   


The definition says "scatter plot" and "trend" and

one answer says "scatter plot" and "trend" so I'm

with you:  It is D.  Whoever told you that answer

was wrong, was himself wrong.  It can happen. 


 Sep 26, 2020

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