How do you find the slope of this problem? the total cost including shipping for ordering five uniforms is $66. The total cost including shipping for ordering 8 uniforms is $99. What is the slope?

 Oct 4, 2022

First draw a graph, label the x-axis as "amount of uniforms ordered", and the y-axis as "amount of dollars"

Then you can plot the points (5, 66) and (8, 99), and make sure you make the y-axis 0, 33, 66, 99 so the graph isn't too tall.

Slope = (change in y)/(change in x) => (99 - 66)/(8-5) = 33/3 = 11.

 Oct 5, 2022

you are after the cost per shirt   cost / shirt      That will be rise/run which is the gradient.


So take the difference in the cost of the shirts  and divide it by the difference in the number of shirts.   


You can draw the graph, it might help you understand, buyt you do not have to in order to answer the question

 Oct 5, 2022

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