Explain how to use the figure above and a sequence of similarity transformations to prove that all circles are similar.




What I know:

I know that all circles are similar and that Pi * radius^2 gives me the area of the circle.


Sorry i'm really confused and don't really know how to prove what they are asking.


Thank You So Much!!!!

 Mar 7, 2018

shapes are similar if they have the same angle mesurments, 

similarity transformation says if you rotate a shape and dialate(change the size),

and it holds the same angles, then they are similar.

Obviously all circles are 360 degrees,

rotating a circle changes nothing, so all circles are similar.


s is some unknown amount bigger than r

which is the dialation. 


So what they want, i assume, is that after a rotation and dilation, the angles of circle a and circle b,

remain the same and r and s are proportional to each other, as will all radius be,

so all circles are similar. 

 Mar 8, 2018

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