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When ordering the Kids' Lunch at Burger Universe, the customer must choose a size, a type of bun, a side order, and a type of fruit drink.

Here are the possibilities for each choice.


 Size  Small, Large 

 Type of bun  White bun, Wheat bun 

 Side order  Fries, Onion rings 

 Fruit drink  Orange, Grape, Cherry, Lemonade 

How many Kids' Lunches are possible? 

 May 3, 2019

For every size possible, there are 2 types of buns. For every type of bun, there are 2 side orders. For every side order there are 3 kinds of fruit drink. If there are 2 sizes

Then there are 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 possibilities=

24 possibilities
 May 3, 2019

Just a slight correction to  Oofrence's answer.....there are 4 drinks....so


2x 2 x 2 x 4   =    



32  possibilities



cool cool cool

CPhill  May 3, 2019

To figure out this problem, do this...


Look at the number of outcomes for each possibility.

Multiply the numbers.

2*2*2*4 = 32

There are 32 kids lunches possible.



 May 4, 2019
edited by Hypotenuisance  May 4, 2019

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