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As shown in the figure below, object m1 collides stationary object m2.Find the magnitudes of velocities of the objects after collision

 Jun 6, 2018

I saw the solution but I didn't get the insight of the questions and how there were able to derive to formulae... I am new on momentum


Why would you expect such a descriptive reply to a simple, brain-dead question? This question requires only elementary math skills to answer. Posting a nondescript, basic question causes you to appear as a one of the simpleminded idiots, who want someone to do his homework.   


The guest has a point in asking why you are fucking around on here.  Because you are.


Generally, you learn the formulas and their applications before learning the methods of derivation.  The derivation of most physics formulas require advanced levels of calculus, linear algebra, and trigonometry.


If you want an advanced or intermediate level of derivation or the reasons why, then you need to ask pointed questions with contrasting examples.  Here’s an example of such a question.




Alan invested the time in answering the question and demonstrated with a hypothetical because he recognized 7UP had the skills to understand the mathematical interaction. 7UP did understand it too, because he recognized the mathematical connection to a harmonic mean—one brilliant kid!


In contrast, no one with advanced skills in physics would waste his or her time by explaining the derivation as a response to a simple, basic physics question. This would be like teaching pigs to sing—a waste of time and an annoyance.



 Jun 6, 2018
edited by GingerAle  Jun 6, 2018

Hahahaha that’s great, Ginger!

Did you give me the point? I don’t usually get points on my posts.

Guest Jun 6, 2018

EP probably gave you the point. The “floaters” on the forum annoy him too.

You now have two points.

GingerAle  Jun 6, 2018

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