Maria and Edwin have $23.00 each to spend at a book fair, where all students receive a 25% discount. They both want to purchase a copy of the same book, which normally sells for $26.50 plus 10% sales tax. To check if she has enough to purchase the book, Maria takes 25% of $26.50 and subtracts that amount from the normal price. She takes 10% of the discounted selling price and adds it back to find the purchase amount. Edwin takes 75% of the normal purchase price and then computes 110% of the reduced price. Is Maria correct? Is Edwin correct? Do they have enough money to purchase the book? Explain your answer using complete sentences.

Sunrisesk8r  Jun 14, 2017


Maria's calculation of the final price


Discounted price      +  10%  of discounted price


[26.50 - .25(26.50)] + .10 [26.50 - .25(26.50)]    ≈ $21.87



Edwin's calculation of the final price


75% of price * 110%


[26.50 (75)] (1.10 ) ≈  $21.87


Both methods result in the exact same amount  !!!! 



cool cool cool

CPhill  Jun 14, 2017

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