The ratio of the number of cups of yellow paint to the number of cups of blue paint that Greg mixed to make a shade of green paint is 2:1.

Part A: Write a sentence to describe the number of cups of yellow paint that Greg mixed with each cup of blue paint. (2 points)

Part B: How many cups of blue paint should Greg add to each cup of yellow paint to make the shade of green? Explain your reasoning. (1 points)

Part C: If Greg purchased 6 cups of yellow paint for $54, what is the unit price per cup of yellow paint? (2 point)

MysticalJaycat  Mar 15, 2017

A)  A ratio of 2:1  means that he uses 2 cups of yellow paint for each cup of blue paint.


B)  The amount of blue paint he uses is 1/2 that of the yellow he uses......then for each cup of yellow paint he uses  1 * (1/2) =  1/2 cup of blue paint. 


C) $54 / 6   =  $9 per cup



cool cool cool

CPhill  Mar 15, 2017

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