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A bookstore is deciding what price it should charge for a certain book. After research, the store finds that if the book's price is  dollars (where ), then the number of books sold per month is . What price should the store charge to maximize its revenue?


If s is a real number, then what is the smallest possible value of 2s^2-8s+19?


If t is a real number, what is the maximum possible value of the expression -t^2+8t-4?


Thanks so much

 Mar 2, 2019

Your first Q is missing some vital info.


2.  This is a bowl shaped parabola .....the minimum value for s   is      - b / 2a   = - (-8)/(2(1)) = 4   

                then subbing s = 4 into the eq   yields   2(4)^2-8(4)+19 = 19        4,19


3. This is a dome shaped parabola    max  is   -b/2a  = - (8)/(2(-1)) = 4 

                then subbing t=4 into the eq yields     -(4)^2 + 8t -4  = 12               4,12

 Mar 2, 2019

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