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 Jun 4, 2020

Since There are 5 people getting an A in 35, 5/35 = 1/7


You can calculate decimal yourself.


Note that this may be incorrect. From a mathmatical point of view, no, but in real life, yes.


Grades are too hard to calculate. THere are WAY too much variables.


A einstein kid could be depressed and get a D.


A idiotic kid could have bribed a teacher and gotten an A.


Thus you must note that this is theoretical probability based on information given, and strictly this. This probability can change year to year, trimester to trimester, or even day to day! 


A straight A kid can flunk a test and get a F since his friend betrayed him.


You never know.

 Jun 4, 2020
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lmao you arent wrong

NoWorkNeeded  Jun 4, 2020

Hey look in case the teacher was playing a prank I wanted to make it clear that I am in no way liable LOL.

hugomimihu  Jun 4, 2020

In total there are 35 students.

5 students made an A, so 5/35 is the fraction form.

5/35 as a percentage is 14.29%.

 Jun 4, 2020

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