Let g represent the minimum amount of money Jamie needs to earn to pay his bills.

Jamie works part time at an accounting firm. He gets paid by the task: the more difficult the job, the more money he earns. Jamie needs to earn $875 to pay his bills. This week, he completed five tasks that paid $80, $75, $145, $250, and $80, respectively. Jamie has one more task to complete.

What is the minimum amount he needs to earn on his last task to pay his bills? 




Let d represent time in days.

Ono opens a small seafood restaurant. Her start-up costs total $32,550. Each day, she spends $750 on operating costs. She earns $1125 per day in sales. When will Ono begin to make a profit? 

 Sep 22, 2017

Hey, I'm not going to be rude but can you leave your problems up instead of editing and deleting it after someone answers it? Thank you!

 Sep 22, 2017

875   - [  80 + 75 + 145 + 250 + 80 ]    = $245 is what he needs


We want to   find when  Costs =  Sales    where d  is the number of days it will take


32550  +  750d   =   1125d        subtract 750d from both sides


32550  =  375d                           divide both sides by  375


86.8  =  d   ≈    87 days





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 Sep 22, 2017

Yep....as NediaMaster says.....leave your problems up....others may want to see how to solve them, too.....!!!!!






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 Sep 22, 2017

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