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A cube-shaped aquarium has edges that are 3 ft long. The aquarium is filled with water that has a density of 62 Ib/ft^3 .

(a)   Should the aquarium be placed on a table that can support a maximum weight of 200 lb? Explain why or why not.

(b)   Would the density of the water change if the aquarium was only half full? Explain.


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 May 10, 2018


volume of aquarium   =   (3 ft)3   =   27 cubic feet


The water has a density of  62  pounds per cubic foot.


weight of  1  cubic foot of water   =   62 pounds


weight of  27(1)  cubic feet of water  =  27(62) pounds


weight of  27  cubic feet of water  =  1674 pounds


The water weight of the full aquarium is 1674 pounds, and the table only supports 200 pounds, so the table cannot hold the aquarium.



No, the density of the water would not change.

 May 10, 2018

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