Each gallon of paint covers 200 square feet. I have to paint one side of a wall that is 12 meters tall and 80 meters long. If a foot is approximately 0.3048 meters, then what is the smallest whole number of gallons I can buy and have enough paint to cover the whole wall?


I know there have been similar problems, and I looked at them and I still cant figure it out! Thanks in advance. :)

 Jun 6, 2020

Find the area of the wall, which is 960.


200 square feet per gallon right? We have to find how many square meters are in that. So we multiply it by 0.3048 and get 60.96.


Then we divide 960/60.96=15.7480314961


Round it up to get 16.


The answer is... drumroll please... 16!!!!!!






P.S: Yw <3

 Jun 6, 2020
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