A larger cube with side length 3 is paintedwith the color red. Then each side of the larger cube is divided by 3 to form 27 smaller cubes. As a result, there are m unpainted smaller cube(s) and n smaller cube(s) with only 2 painted sides. What is the value of m + n ?

 Aug 22, 2020

If possible get some blocks and use them to answer the question


How many blocks altogether  3*3*3=27  (you are told that anyway)


1. What is the max number of sides that can be painted on any individual little block?

2. How many in the middle with no paint?

3. Which ones have 3 sides painted?  How many are there?

4. How many have only one side painted, where are those ones?

5. How many blocks have been accounted for so far?

5. The rest must have 2 sides pained, how many is that?


Now answer the question.


Please allow original guest to answer these questions. 

 Aug 23, 2020

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