Sal earns $24 in 3 h.

Josh earns $13 in 2 h.

Komal earns $44 in 4 h.


Who makes the most money per hour?


How mu

ch will the person who earns the most money per hour

earn in 8


 Oct 5, 2020
edited by namjin  Oct 6, 2020

To start this problem, we can first calculate how much money each person makes per hour.


If Sal makes $24 in 3 hours, we can calculate the unit rate by doing 24 divided by 3.


24 ÷ 3 = 8, so we know that Sal makes $8 per hour.


Try to repeat the other two on your own. Remember, all you have to do is:

amount of money person makes ÷ number of hours it takes that person to make that amount of money


Once you've done that, it's just a comparison of numbers.

The greater the number, the more that person makes per hour.

Once you've found the greatest number, find out who makes that amount of money per hour (this part should be fairly simple if you write down your work), and that is your answer for part a.



For part b, all you have to do is multiply the amount of money the person with the highest unit rate makes (AKA what you just solved for in part a) by 8.

This is because part b is asking how much that person (your answer for part a) makes in 8 hours, and in part a you were solving for how much they make in 1 hour.



Happy solving! laugh

 Oct 6, 2020

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