Two objects are drawn from a drawer containing a fork, a knife, and a spoon, without replacement. Display all possible outcomes as an organized list. (it doesn't give out a specific number of each item, that's just what it says and Im very confused on how to do this)

 Mar 5, 2021

If order matters, your possibilities are:


Fork, knife

Fork, spook

Knife, fork

Knife, spoon

Spoon, Knife

Spoon, fork


If the order does not matter, your possibilities are:

Fork, spoon

Fork, knife

Spoon, knife


Hope this helps!

 Mar 5, 2021

containing a fork, a knife, and a spoon    the 'a's  indicate to me that there is ONE of each item in the drawer

Possible outcomes

f  k

f  s

k s

 Mar 5, 2021

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