Drag a value into each box to correctly express the quotient in polar form.


I know when doing this, I have to subtract the radians in the parenthesis and I got 11pi/12. 
But I don't exactly know where that goes or what the other box is supposed to be?
So if someone could help, I'd appreciate that lots:)

 Jun 5, 2020

You subtract the radians that are inside the parentheses and you place that answer within the parentheses of

the answer..


Specifically:  a·cis( 7pi/6)  /  b·cis( pi/4)  =  c·cis( 11pi/12 )


You are given the value of a:  12sqrt(2)  and the value of b:  3sqrt(3).


You need to find the value of c by dividing the value of a by the value of b 

and you place this answer in front of the  "cis( )"  part  --  which is the empty box before (and, in this case, on the

line above "cis(    )"

 Jun 5, 2020

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