Two cyclist start at the same point and travel opposite directions. One cyclist travels 8 mi/h slower than the other. If the two cyclist are 144 miles apart after 4 hours , what is the rate for each cyclist? Please answer ASAP

 Feb 23, 2020

Set the other cyclist's speed as x miles per hour. Therefore the slower cyclist's speed is x-8. Their total distance apart each hour is x+x-8=2x-8. Therefore after 4 hours, their speed is 4(2x-8) which is 8x-32. We can set an equation: \(8x-32=144\) since they are 144 miles apart after 4 hours. We add 32 to both sides and divide by 8 into both sides, and we get x= 22mph for the faster bicyclist and 22-8=14 mph for the slower bicyclist.



22 mph for faster bicyclist

14 mph for slower bicyclist




P.S. That speed is FAST! I mean, 22mph? How tiring would that be for FOUR hours! surprise

 Feb 23, 2020

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