Bus A and Bus B leave the bus depot at 2 pm.
Bus A takes 15 minutes to complete its route once and bus B takes 25 minutes to complete its route once.
If both buses continue to repeat their route, at what time will they be back at the bus depot together?
Assume the buses have no breaks in between routes.
Give your answer as a 12-hour clock time

 Feb 6, 2021

LCM of 15 and 25   is     75 minutes


2:00 + 75 min =   3:15 PM

 Feb 6, 2021

This problem is a simple LCM problem.


Bus A takes 15 minutes.

Bus B takes 25 minutes.


Now, we need to find the LCM of these numbers. We can do so using the ladder method or just listing the multiples out.

Once, we do that, we get our LCM which is 75. Now, we add that to the time at which they left.


Therefore, the answer to this problem is 3:15 pm.


Hope that helps!!! :)


 Feb 6, 2021
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