Your backpack contains \(2010\) chocolate bars, which you are going to divide between your best friend and yourself. You think you are a nice person, so you will give your best friend more than zero chocolate bars. However, you have been craving chocolate recently, and so you must have at least twice as many chocolate bars as your friend after you finish dividing them. What is the difference between the maximum and minimum number of chocolate bars you can have?

 Nov 14, 2022

Have you attempted this yourself?


There are 2010 chocolate bars.  Is it ok to give your friend just one?  How many would you have then?


Yopu have to have AT LEAST twice as many,  So it you divide them into 3 piles and you take 2 piles and he takes 1 pile,You will havee twice as many as him.

2010/3 = 670

So if he has 670 how many will your friend get?


You can think about these questions and finish the problem youself. 

Please make a new post with your answer and some  working. 

 Nov 14, 2022

Attn  Keihaku


I am waiting for a response from you.

Melody  Nov 16, 2022

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