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1) -3(w-3) is greater than or equal to 9-3w

2) -2(s+6) is greater thanor equal to -15-2s

3) 2(n-8) is lesser than 16+


Nevermind I got it done :D

edited by UndertaleButtercup32  Nov 4, 2017

ok.. :( I wanted to solve them.. It is so fun :)

 Nov 4, 2017
edited by ProMagma  Nov 4, 2017
edited by ProMagma  Nov 4, 2017

Hi UndertaleButtercup32

It is good that you solved them yourself and also good that you told us that you no longer needed help but please leave the actual question alone next time. I mean don't strike it out because some people .. like ProMagma may still like to play with it :)

 Nov 4, 2017

Haha Thanks cheeky But I can still see them I just like to help people! smiley

ProMagma  Nov 4, 2017

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