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(you cant see this on the front page because it's in LaTeX) 

\(x+\frac{x}{\sqrt{x^2-1}}=\frac{35}{12} \) thank you soo muchhh 


p.s. i was given the following hint but i dont know how to incorporate it \(Let x=\frac{1}{cos\alpha} \) with \(\alpha \epsilon(0, \frac{\pi}{2})\)

 Apr 6, 2019

\(\text{Consider a triangle with legs }s_1=1,~s_2 = \sqrt{x^2-1}\\ \text{You end up with the equation}\\ \sec(\alpha) + \csc(\alpha) = \dfrac{35}{12}\\ \text{which can be solved with some annoying algebra}\)

 Apr 6, 2019

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