Find the perimeter of the trapezoid below.








 Mar 20, 2021

Hi Valencia!

im not sure If Im correct but heres my thoughts:

since it is a  equalateral rectangle, the all the sides are equal to its corresponding side, meaning the length= the other length and the width= the other width of the rectangle.

Now knowing this,you can split the triangle and rectangle by drawing a line between and the line value is 24, since mentioned above, length=length.

We have figured out all the sides of the rectangle and now only need to find the other small side of the triangle. 

Using pythagroean theorum, a^2+b^2=c^2, you can set the unknown part of the triangle to a^2.

plugging in the values: a^2+24^2=25^2, you can further simplify and get a as 7

Now that we have all the values, you can just add all the sides  EXCLUDING  the 24 of the imaginary length in the rectangle since we only needed that to find the other side of the triangle.coming to 13+24+13+7+25= 82, which is the perimeter 


hope this helped,


 Mar 20, 2021

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