A bicycle is classified by the diameter of its tires. For example, a 20-inch bicycle has tires that are 20 inches in diameter. The number of times a bicycle tire rotates in a given period of time is directly related to the distance traveled in that period of time. A 26-inch bicycle is pedaled so that the tires rotate at a rate of 200 revolutions per minute. A 20-inch bicycle is pedaled so that its tires rotate at a rate of 200 revolutions per minute, as well. How many complete rotations does either bike complete in one second? Answer in a complete sentence.

 Jun 8, 2021

Hi double mnk,


Both tires are rotating at the same rotational speed.   

200 revolutions per minute

that is :

200 revolutions EVERY minute.


There are 60 seconds in a minute so in a second the bike would have to travel a lot less distance ... so DIVIDE  (by 60 of course)


How many revolutions would it be in a second then?



Can you tell me now?  They want an exact answer,  don't round it off.

 Jun 9, 2021
edited by Melody  Jun 9, 2021

You could be smart and say the bike does not rotate at all. only the wheels rotate.  LOL


Melody  Jun 9, 2021

That would be 10/3 revolutions.

They ask for complete revolutions in the question so my main question is if there are 3 complete revolutions or 10/3 complete revolutions?

mnkmnk  Jun 9, 2021

I think I would say:

Each of the 2 wheels will do 3 and 1/3 revolutions each second so rounded down to full rotations that would be 3 rotations per second.


My pic got blocked.  Even moderators am not immune LOL.

Melody  Jun 10, 2021

I will try to make a new rotating bike


 Jun 10, 2021

Ha Ha!! Thank you so much!

mnkmnk  Jun 10, 2021

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