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Larry has 4-cent stamps and 9-cent stamps, which he can combine to produce various amounts of postage. For example, he can make cents by using four 9-cent stamps and a 4-cent stamp, or by using ten 4-cent stamps. However, there are some amounts of postage he can't make exactly, such as 10 cents.

What is the largest number of cents that Larry cannot make exactly from a combination of 4- and/or 9-cent stamps?

Explain how you know your answer is correct. (You should explain two things: why Larry can't make the amount of your answer, and why he can make any bigger amount.)



 Dec 21, 2018

See the answer here:  https://web2.0calc.com/questions/math-postage-stamp-problem

 Dec 21, 2018

That one doesn't explain all parts of the problem. I want an alternative solution.

 Dec 21, 2018

Don't you know the words 'thank you'!

It was very nice of guest to go to this trouble for you !



You can spoon feed babies but sometimes they are still not happy.



Melody  Dec 22, 2018

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