How do you workout 3-x3x+2= ? The calculator says -13 But I came up with | 3x6 = 18 | 18+2 = 20 | 20-3 = 17 |

Guest Mar 25, 2017

Here is probably easier to read:
The question:
3-x3x+2= ?
And how you work it out?
My conclusion: Here's how I worked it out! (Bare in mind I don't think this is correct)
 | 3x6 = 18 | 18+2 = 20 | 20-3 = 17 |
But the calculator says the answer is -13? #Confused #Simpleton

Guest Mar 25, 2017
edited by Guest  Mar 25, 2017

I don't really understand the question.


What are the x's supposed to be here?

If they are multiplication signs, I don't understand what the minus sign in front of it means.

hectictar  Mar 26, 2017

3-x3x+2=? or 3-x*3*x+2=? or just -3x^2+5=?

is like saying A=B (aka: a Line) there are two variables, so

there's a infinite amount of solutions and all of those solutions make a line.

Go to google and type in the search bar:

     Graph -3x^2+5

And it should show you the line.

Guest Mar 26, 2017

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