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What is the correct equation for segment EF? 



A. EF¯= (EG2)(GH2)

B. EF¯= (EG)(GH)

C. EF¯= (EG)(EH)

D. EF¯= (EG2)(FG2) 


note:EF are line and all the anwser after equal sign are under a square root hope im clear 

 Jul 25, 2019

(This question reminds me of this solution smiley)


m∠EFH  =  m∠EGF   because they are both right angles

m∠FEH  =  m∠GEF   because they are the same angle


So by the AA similarity theorem,  △EFH ~ △EGF


EF / EH  =  EG / EF

                                  Multiply both sides of the equation by  EF

EF2 / EH  =  EG

                                  Multiply both sides of the equation by  EH

EF2  =  (EG)(EH)

                                  Take the square root of both sides.

EF  = \(\sqrt{\text{(EG)(EH)}}\)


By the way, welcome to the forum! smiley

 Jul 25, 2019

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