How do I find the point of intersection for the pair of Iines? 

A) y=2x+3


B) y=2/3x+5

C) x+2y=4


 Feb 6, 2018

A). First replace y in the first equation by the right hand side of the second equation:


4x - 1 = 2x + 3

subtract 2x from both sides: 2x - 1 = 3

add 1 to both sides: 2x = 4

divide both sides by 2:  x = 2

put this into the first equation: y = 2*2 + 3 or y = 7

hence the point of intersection is (2, 7)


B) You have only supplied one equation


C) Try using the same approach I used in A) above.

 Feb 6, 2018

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