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Hi math whizzes,


Could you help me out with this homework problem and concept?

 Nov 7, 2018

It crosses the x axis at x  = - 1

The...it  crosses the x axis again at x = 1


And f(-2) =  f(2)


So.....this appears to be a quadratic  [ a parabola that turns upward ]  =  degree 2




cool cool cool

 Nov 7, 2018

The function can't be a quadratic.

Guest Nov 7, 2018

boo CPhill, enough of these have been done that I'd have thought you'd seen one by now.


You need to take successive adjacent differences of f(x)


\(\left( \begin{array}{c} \{30,0,-2,0,30,160,510\} \\ \{30,2,-2,-30,-130,-350\} \\ \{28,4,28,100,220\} \\ \{24,-24,-72,-120\} \\ \{48,48,48\} \\ \end{array} \right)\)


in the matrix above the first line is f.

successive lines are formed by taking the line above minus it shifted 1 place to the left


that we could do this 4 times before all the numbers were equal shows that f is degree 4

 Nov 7, 2018

I just "eye-balled" it...and didn't have time to go through the sum-of-differences thing


Thanks for the answer, Rom....!!!



cool cool cool

CPhill  Nov 7, 2018

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