First off, I'd like to thank you for reading in advance. The work you do helps so many people and you don't have any idea how appreciative I am for that.


I am in a Pre-Calculus class and I am haing some trouble with vectors. Homework involved a worksheet with a bunch of the same sort of types of questions, just with different numbers, variables, opperations and set ups.


Instructions: "Find the magnitude and direction angle of the resultant vector." We were also asked to draw the vectors.


The first problem gave:


Thank you for any help you provide in advance. It means a lot!

 Feb 22, 2018

Can't see the image provided 

I can see it now nvm

 Feb 22, 2018
edited by RainbowPanda  Feb 22, 2018

When they give you an x,y magnitudes, you are loking for the resultant HYPOTENUSE of a right triangle....first sketch the x and the y components, then use the pythagorean theorm to find the hypotenuse...

First one    x magnitude =6    y magnitude = -10     hypotenuse = sqrt(6^2 + 10^2) = 11.66

   the angle will be in the FOURTH quadrant (because y is negative)

     and is equal to arctan (-10/6) =  -59 degrees



Do you see how it is done? Try the second one!

 Feb 22, 2018

For the THIRD one....    ADD the x and y's of a and g....do the sketch, then do the math the same way with the results of adding  these values !   Easy Peasy ! (once you catch on)

 Feb 22, 2018

Thanks a ton!

I understand a lot better now!

Thank you so much for all you guys do. It is so helpful for us students.



Have a great day!

Guest Feb 22, 2018

Here is my sketch:


 Feb 22, 2018

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