Camille bought 120 doughnuts for $60.00. Her profit was $48.00 once she sold 80 doughnuts. Write an equation that represents Camille’s profit (P), as a function of the number of doughnuts sold, n.

Darkfox  Apr 10, 2017


If she bought 120 doughnuts for $60....she must have paid 60/120 dollars = .50 for each


If she sold 80 doughnuts for $48 she made  48/80   = 6/10  dollars  = .60 for each doughnut sold


So.....the profit per doughnut sold, n, is represented by


P(x)  =   .10n



cool cool cool

CPhill  Apr 10, 2017
edited by CPhill  Apr 10, 2017

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