Present Your Findings

Write a summary paragraph discussing this experiment and the results. Use the following questions and topics to help guide the content of your paragraph.

1. Consider the motion of the balloon and its air contents in terms of momentum. In step 1 above, the total momentum of the balloon and its contents was zero. Recall that momentum = mv. Both the balloon and the air inside it had a velocity of zero and therefore the total momentum was zero.

Now think about what happened when the air escaped from the balloon. A certain mass of air accelerated in one direction. In order to keep the total momentum of the system zero, the balloon itself (which has mass) had to accelerate in the opposite direction. Use this scenario to help you explain why the soda can rotates when the water squirts out of the escape holes.

2. What was your hypothesis concerning the water-filled can? According to your data, do you think your hypothesis was correct? (Be sure to refer to your data when answering this question.)

3. Summarize any difficulties or problems you had in performing the experiment that might have affected the results. Describe how you might change the procedure to avoid these problems.

4. Give at least one more example of Newton's third law in everyday life.

 Sep 13, 2019

Im going to answer number 4 because i have no time I need to go.


Newton's third law states: For every action there is an equal and opposite force


So examples of third law





Jumping, you apply force to the ground,  ground applies an opposite force to you which makes you go higher.

 Sep 14, 2019

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