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 Oct 16, 2017

Mrs. B decided to have a treasure hunt with her math class. She takes her class out to the playground where she has marked out a 15-yard by 15-yard square region. She also gives her students a map that divides the playground into a coordinate plane. Somewhere within this region, she has buried a box full of prizes for her students, but they need to figure out the coordintes of the treasure's location. They are given 1-hour class time to find the treasure.


As the students begin searching they realize they are able to completely search about 5 square feet per minute. They realize at this pace they will not finish in the 1-hour time limit. At their current rate, how many more hours would they need to guarantee they find the treasure? Express your answer as a decimal to the nearest 100th.


  1 yard    =  3 feet

15 yards  =  45 feet


45 feet * 45 feet  =  2025 square feet


They can search  5  sq ft per minute. How many minutes will it take to search  2025 sq ft?


5 sq ft per minute  *  x minutes  =  2025 sq ft

5x  =  2025

  x  =  405


It will take  405  minutes to search the entire area. That is  405 / 60  =  6.75 hours


The question asks how many more hours they need. So they need


6.75 - 1  =  5.75 more hours

 Oct 16, 2017

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