If the probability of an event in an experiment is a number r such that 

A) 0<r<1 (there is equal sign under the greater sign)

B) r=0

C) 0<r<1

D) r=1

SARAHann  Mar 16, 2017

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Hi SaraHann,

The question is worded badly, the meaning is not clear.


If something has to happen then it has a probabiliy of 1       r=1

If something has to happent is has a probablility of 0           r=0

All other possiblilities are between these extremes.    So this would be   0<r<1


If you have no idea what the probable outcome might be then r could be over the whole range of possibilities

\(0\le r \le 1\)


Does this answer your question?

Melody  Mar 17, 2017

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