A bag contains six red jelly beans, four green jelly beans, and four blue jelly beans. If we choose a jelly bean, then another jelly bean without putting the first one back in the bag, what is the probability that the first jelly bean will be green and the second one will be red?

 Mar 17, 2020

If you open the bag and look inside, and if you have intentions of picking first a green jelly bean then a red one, the probability surely will be 100% (Am I right or am I right?)


In fraction form:

What are the odds of the first jelly bean being green?


What are the odds of the seconds jelly being red? (The total number of jelly beans should be one less than when you picked a green one)


You then multiply the fractions together... am I right or am I wrong?

 Mar 17, 2020

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